Located in Beverly Massachusetts (Birthplace of the American Navy), Amateur station W1MAW is active on HF frequencies including (80, 40, 20, 17, 15, 10 meters). In modes of (Phone, CW, RTTY & PSK). I am also active on 2 and 70cm. On 2 meters I leverage a local repeater of the North Shore Radio Association (www nsradio DOT org) of which I am a member.  In addition this station also is active with satellite communications and contesting. I am an active in the Yankee Clipper Contest Club (YCCC).


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W1MAW's QTH: Beverly, MA USA

         ( An Ariel view of Beverly Harbor )

Operator: Mark A. Watson

Email: mark@w1maw.com

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Contesting with K1TTT

W1MAW Station Equipment
 FTDX -5000  Primary HF 
 FT-847  2 meter/satellite radio
 FT-101  Great HF radio
 FT-101E  Another great HF radio
Motorola XPR-4550  DMR
 Ten -Tec  Centurion  HF Linear


W1MAW Antennas
 Stepir 3 Element  70 ft.
 Inverted V  80M
W1MAW Weather Station
Davis Pro 2 Wired (online)


  Weather Data for Beverly, MA








W1MAW Station Photos


Our Flight on a B-17

Video and pictures of our flight



Access the W1MAW EWARN DMR Repeater


Repeater Location: Beverly, MA

Grid: FN42NN

The frequency pair is:

TX - 144.950

RX - 146.450

Color Code - 1

Talk Group - 39276

Network - EWARN

Repeater HW: Motorola XPR-8300

Antenna - Diamond XL-510 @ 45ft

Questions/Support: mark@w1maw.com

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